Monday, August 1, 2016

Photos of Our Cakes at Snooky's

Sometimes writing something about what we do at Snooky's is the most complicated thing to get done. There are good ideas and not so good ideas about what to post, and sometimes it's getting the right photo shot of a cake that can deter the whole post. I have had on many occasions in trying to get a cake finished by a certain time taken really bad pictures of a cake, also there are times when rushing we forget to get a picture and ask the client to send one but in the 15 plus years I've been doing cakes I've never had a picture sent to me, sorry just one the one below.

Two guys who had their birthday celebrated together and they are both replicated on the cake, a space shuttle. Below is a better picture of the cake.

And clearly we did get a picture of it before it was delivered, but trust me when I say that it rarely happens we get a picture from a client. Not complaining,just sharing.

Happy Summer Everyone!!!
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Tuesday, July 5, 2016


When I think of fashion, I think of #Chanel it's iconic when it comes to #fashionandBeauty. My first love affair as a sophomore in college at #SyracuseUniversity with a lipstick was by Chanel, the brand set the precedent for #lipsticks to come. The #ladieswholunch bring to mind the #Chaneljacket that is oh so recognized, and the quilted handbags make me think of the young ladies who adorn them with gowns, dresses, and even jeans.  The cake above embodies the Chanel brand in that it incorporates the quilting design, pearls, the double c and an elegant shoe on top. I hope one day to be a lady who lunches, and maybe I'll be one who wears one of those beautiful jackets.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

When Last Minute Orders Are complicated.

I have found that there are few last minute orders that are really complicated that we turn down, many of them for celebrities, they seem to always need a cake for a talent the next day, but there are times we take on the challenge especially when they are unique. Take for example the cake above, it was ordered by a realty firm for a client they were trying to win an account from, it was to be three buildings that replicated the actual buildings done by a construction company, the realty agency wanted exclusive rights to rent or sell the units hence the courting with the cake. We only had two and a half days to make this cake and it was really a lot of work, I've found sometimes it's best just to not think about the task and just plow through it, this is how we got through finishing this cake on time. By the way, we never like turning down a cake for a celebrity but frankly a lot of times it just impossible to do.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Males and Sports!

Boy, when #men and #boys are into #sports they seem to go all the way. Take the cake above, the wife of the birthday boy insisted that all of his favorite sports teams be incorporated into the cake somehow, If she could she would have made separate stadiums for them all so we put #TheRangers, #TheKnicks, and the on banners and plaques, the #TomFord plaque was put in because the birthday boy also loved the clothing line. Good forbid all of the teams have to play on the same day what would that look like? That would never happen but you never know. The cake was made out of chocolate and filled with chocolate and frosted in vanilla buttercream and then covered in fondant.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

When A Girl Just Wants To Be A Girl!

Rainbows, hearts, flowers, and puppy tails all the things that most girls love is what this cake incorporated. The colors are a bit washed out in the photo because they were nice and bright (it might be time for a new camera) encompassing blue, pink, purple, green, and yellow. Little Tova was turning five and boy did her eyes light up with joy when she saw her cake and gladly so since it was pouring rain and her party that was to be outdoors now was an indoor party at her home. Happy Birthday Tova!!!

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Golden Cupcakes for the Class of 2016 at Columbia University!

May and June are graduation season and as we get more and more orders for graduation themed cakes such as caps, stacks of law books, the adaptation of #Dr.Seuss'sThePlacesYouWillGo, and other graduation theme suggestions, we reflect on what our dreams were when we first entered the work place. I wanted to open a restaurant, and I did which is actually how I got into the cake business, it's was a spin-off from my restaurant which was also called Snooky's located here in NYC in Central Harlem, boy was that a lot of work I literally had no life being an owner and manager of a restaurant. Anyway we push on here and make another graduation cake for a young person starting their life in the workforce but the cupcakes above were easy peezy!

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Monday, May 2, 2016

To The Graduating Class of 2016!

Be bold, be fearless and most of all, be you! This cake was made for some MSA Columbia University seniors this past weekend. In a world where celebrities are put on pedastules and an education almost seems absolete in our society to achieving success it's refreshing and reassuring that career choices other than ones that are in the film or TV or should I say in the entertainment industry are still desirable to some.

Made with chocolate cake and filled with fresh strawberries and cream and then frosted with vanilla buttercream and covered with a gold fondant, #Columbiauniversity colors are white and light blue so we made the cap in the school's blue and the design around the cake in white and then added flowers in the same colors. Call us to order one for your school of choice!

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