Monday, October 24, 2016

My Favorite cake.

I love love love this cake, I think because it's simplistic in design and because I love pigs, if I didn't live in NYC I would have a pig and one of those miniature horses too, you know like the one on the #Amazon commercial where the little guy isn't accepted by the other horses so the owner buys a low entry door for him to come inside to be with her for company. Lol! Back to the cake. Made for little Chloe who we are actually making another cake for this week, it's a two-tiered cake made out of chocolate and covered in fondant.  This week's cake is a Lego's Friends cake and it's a playground scene with the five girls on it. Happy Birthday Choe!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Coors Light!

Above is a #Coorslight bottle cake made for ten people, I know, small right? It's always harder to get details in for smaller cakes, think about small artifacts from a distant time that are handmade. Here in NYC at the #MetropolitanMuseumofArt there are rosary beads made during the medieval times that have intricate scenes carved out of them, I'm always in awe of them but more importantly wonder how they could have been made. Our cake about was hand carved and then frosted with a buttercream which was covered by fondant. Many times with fondant we make cut outs of images, letters, etc..but this time we hand pipped the Coor Light on since the cake was so small.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Simple Little Cake!

Sometimes in life it's the simple things that give us the most pleasure, running in the rain in the summer when it's hot, connecting with someone well appreciated from your past, and whatever imaginable for you. The cake above is one of our simpler masterpieces, decorated in buttercream alone, and not fondant as usual, it conveys a pleasurable scene of dolphins, the friendly mammals of the waters. Little Anwen wanted a dolphin jumping out of the water with a smile on its face with a sunset in the background and that's what we created for her. The cake was all chocolate with chocolate buttercream and we added vanilla buttercream on top hand piped and then manipulated with a palette knife to depict the colors of the water and sky.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton!  I am dying to see the #Broadwayshow #Hamilton, tickets cost upwards of $500 I've been told, a little too steep for my pockets. I do believe in asking the universe what you want and so far I've had three encounters about the play, my mom mentioned last Thanksgiving that she really want to see it, a gym member at my gym excitedly told me she's going with her daughter to see the play, and lastly the cake above which was ordered by a man who's wife saw the show and loved it so much so that he had us make the cake above replacing Hamilton with Helene, how thoughtful! A #redvelvetcake frosted with cream cheese and then covered in fondant was requested and the rest as you know if you've seen or #googled the playbill replicates the show's logo. Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton I can see my future in the audience. Lol!

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Doctor Who and His Tardis

Don't we all wish we had a #Tardis or some other time travel machine, heck I would transport myself back just three years prior and take a vacation somewhere in Central or South America before Zika existed, Zika is apparently really scary to me. Lands undiscovered and times that I think I would fit into would all be at my access, I'm sure there are some #backtoschool kids who would love to just relive their summer again. This being my second time making a Tardis, the first cake was a #3Dcake, it's an earlier blog post, but the cake above was made to be only two-dimensional. Made out of chocolate cake and filled with a raspberry preserve filling and then frosted with a vanilla buttercream. All of the covering and detail work is done in fondant. Call us to order one 212 665-0990.

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Photos of Our Cakes at Snooky's

Sometimes writing something about what we do at Snooky's is the most complicated thing to get done. There are good ideas and not so good ideas about what to post, and sometimes it's getting the right photo shot of a cake that can deter the whole post. I have had on many occasions in trying to get a cake finished by a certain time taken really bad pictures of a cake, also there are times when rushing we forget to get a picture and ask the client to send one but in the 15 plus years I've been doing cakes I've never had a picture sent to me, sorry just one the one below.

Two guys who had their birthday celebrated together and they are both replicated on the cake, a space shuttle. Below is a better picture of the cake.

And clearly we did get a picture of it before it was delivered, but trust me when I say that it rarely happens we get a picture from a client. Not complaining,just sharing.

Happy Summer Everyone!!!
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Tuesday, July 5, 2016


When I think of fashion, I think of #Chanel it's iconic when it comes to #fashionandBeauty. My first love affair as a sophomore in college at #SyracuseUniversity with a lipstick was by Chanel, the brand set the precedent for #lipsticks to come. The #ladieswholunch bring to mind the #Chaneljacket that is oh so recognized, and the quilted handbags make me think of the young ladies who adorn them with gowns, dresses, and even jeans.  The cake above embodies the Chanel brand in that it incorporates the quilting design, pearls, the double c and an elegant shoe on top. I hope one day to be a lady who lunches, and maybe I'll be one who wears one of those beautiful jackets.

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